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The Edgemoor Hotel, Devon

One of the best!

We had a fantastic day at the wedding of Gemma & Craig... A day of sunshine, love and lots of laughs. To get the best out of your photography you need to relax and enjoy it and this is exactly how Gemma & Craig approached their wedding day.

I met the couple as a two last year after a recommendation. What Gemma didn't realise is that I have known Craig since I was 5...! Craigs lovely grandparents lived opposite me growing up and us kids used to knock around with each other in the street. We had the best childhood all together and its worked out so perfectly that I have been involved in Craigs wedding day.

Fast forward 28(ish) years since the early days and here we are at The Edgemoor Hotel on Dartmoor.

They had a lovely outdoor ceremony surrounded by their nearest and dearest, it was great to see old faces and have a good catch up. The Edgemoor is perfect for outdoor ceremonies, it all still seems so intimate and always looks so pretty. Gemma looked stunning and couldn't stop smiling...and Craig...well there were tears as she walked down the aisle :)

Our aim for the day was to keep it really chilled, we had lots of time in the afternoon so Sarah & I mingled around and captured everyone drinking and celebrating the newlyweds. You never need to push wedding photography, you never need to shout and order anyone purely just have to capture all the moments as they happen. I hope this shines through in my images and when people say 'you have been unobtrusive' then that is all I want.

The grounds at the venue are gorgeous, I stole the couple away for some shots later on in the day and we made the most of the place.

I really do not think their day could of gone any better, I came away with a huge smile on my face.

Everything is down to fate. I believe I was destined to photograph their special day and I hope I have done them proud. ROSEMARY ST ROCKED BY THE WAY

Here is a small preview of your day, Congratulations to Gemma, Craig and of course George!

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