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Livermead Cliff - Torquay

Richie & Sammie

What a day of laughs! This wedding was filled with fun morning until night and I loved every minute.

The wedding of Richie & Sammie was held at The Livermead in Torquay this weekend, a very grand venue with lots of history right on the waters edge. In such a gorgeous, relaxed setting I could see why they chose it. To add on top the couples decor & styling it was looking stunning.

I have known Richie & his family since he was only a few years old, we have shared some lovely early childhood memories altogether so it was extra special to be a part of their day.

I joined Sammie & her girls early to capture all the prep, I was half expecting her to be quite nervous but she was surprisingly relaxed and was chilling with a glass of fizz - She started early Richie ;)

With the ceremony & reception rooms overlooking the ocean, you couldn't get a better location for their wedding day. The sun shone ALL day, proper blue skies so all the guests used the outdoor gardens until sunset. They had a large wedding party which made for a great atmosphere so there was plenty for me to photograph.

Being next to a small beach area we headed off for some shots on their own in the afternoon.. the beach was actually shut but we squeezed our way in with Sammies dress over her head!

I love it when couples just go with it, it is always worth it to go that extra push. If I say it's going to worth it or even if I suggest going to a certain spot, it's because I know what the outcome will be!

I loved the vibe of this day, I loved the party, the guests were unreal, I loved the speeches, the tears, the children all running free and I loved that the dessert got delayed ;)

A totally awesome wedding!

Here is a little preview x

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