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St Audries Park

Pete & Lisa

The sun was shining, we were in the most magnificent venue, everything was planned and styled to perfection and the Bride & Groom were looking amazing!

I met Pete & Lisa through photographing one of their good friends wedding, a recommendation always mean so much, that someone has taken the time out to voice a great opinion on something that is so personal to me. I feel that every image taken is my view, my eye.. exactly what I am seeing at that precise moment...that no one else in the world can see right then what I am seeing and I am showing you. Almost like you can see my thoughts back then in the bridal suite as she is putting her makeup on, as she walks down the stairs, as I am stood at the front of the aisle watching the happy couple exchange vows, as I admire the decor/flowers/cake, as I watch as you all have your first glasses of fizz and see family you haven't seen in a long time. If I haven't seen it, then that image would never exist.

St Audries is a very grand venue located in North Somerset, I haven't worked at this venue before but it blew me away. A maze of history, yes I did end up in random rooms and couldn't work out which way I should turn but WOW... this place was the stuff of dreams. Surrounded by deer & stunning gardens it was always one venue I wanted to photograph at so thank you guys!

It was so lovely to work amongst some great guests, Lisa & Pete have a fab bunch of family and friends around them and that shone through on their wedding day.. not short of emotion, love and tears.

Congratulations to you and your boys.. Here is a little preview x

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