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Reed Hall, Exeter

The wedding of Tanisha & Mike saw me working at Reed Hall.. I love this venue and am very lucky that I get to work here a lot during the year. It a beautiful space with the most stunning gardens.. Just what a photographer needs.

I have known Tanisha for a few years now, we worked together when I was a bit younger :) and she always said that if she got married she would book me up. Along came Mike, her lovely chap and here we are at their wedding day. It always makes me think that there is a reason for everything, why we worked together, the people you meet. The end result of all of that.

The morning was lovely, the girls were all getting ready at the venue and everything seemed calm and chilled...! The fizz was flowing and the hairspray was filling the room!

The whole day was quite an emotional one, I think its the first wedding where the family and friends showed their love and happiness so openly and honestly. Like ALL the time..every corner I turned there was another guest gushing about how much they love Mike & Tanisha.

There were tears, thoughts and a whole lot of laughter.

I LOVED the ceremony, I LOVED the best mans speech, I LOVED how awesome the ushers were... I just LOVED it.

Well done Tanisha & Mike, your day rocked

Here is a small preview of your day x

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