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The Southgate Hotel, Exeter

This wedding was quite the special wedding, one I have never seen before and most probably never will. I was contacted by Kerri, Allan & Carolines Daughter who was organising this amazing day. Allan & Caroline were married 30 years ago and here they are in 2016 renewing and blessing those vows.

The day was being held at The Southgate Hotel in Exeter, a stunning venue in the heart of the city surrounded by history. I arrived mid morning to capture all the girls getting ready, such a lovely family that you instantly feel welcome. Makes my job a whole lot easier!

The chaps were being driven in on a vintage bus so I made sure my 2nd shooter was in Dawlish to photograph them as they made their way in.

Allan & Caroline weren't overly keen on having their photographs taken, I hope I made them relax as true to their wishes we kept the formal side of it pretty speedy and concentrated on the feel of the day.

The ceremony in particular was perfect, the words they use in a marriage blessing touch the heartstrings..cue me hiding behind the camera. It was just like they had fallen in love last year and were getting married for the first time. The nerves, the emotion, the love. All there 30 years later and it was lovely to watch.

I hope you enjoy your preview of your images, it was a pleasure to be a part of your wedding day.

You guys are amazing examples.

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