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The Scarlet Hotel

Beth & Becky

What a treat!

I was blessed to be able to photograph Beth & Beckys very intimate wedding at The Scarlet Hotel on the North Cornwall coast. With 12 in attendance it was my kind of wedding :) Beautifully done filled with all the emotions, words could never do it any kind of justice.

I met the lovely couple years ago now at another lovely wedding and I was pleased they had remembered me when they booked me. My brief was to turn up and 'go with it'. AND I DID.

I rocked up in the morning to find Beth & Becky getting ready together... just them. In a beautiful room overlooking the ocean. It was just really really lovely, no hype, no tension, just two people getting dressed for the most important moment of their life.

They were joined in the ceremony by both families, where they could all sit in armchairs and sofas whilst Beth & Becky said their vows and exchanged rings.

The venue is out of this world, an eco-friendly spa hotel where they host the most exclusive weddings. Around every corner there is a new aspect and vibe to the hotel, but most of all we had the most amazing view to play with.

I stole the couple off after the ceremony to pop down to the beach... It is November mind so it was pretty chilly! Never the less I managed to get them in the sea for a few 'must have' shots. They were literally up for anything and were so lovely to work with. I always say make the most of your location and we really did here. Yes I even got in the water too, my brogues will never be the same ! :)

After their meal they had arranged for their guests to join them for games in the lounge. All very intimate, fun and unique.

I think that is the word I have been looking for. Unique.

You guys really did it right and you did it your way. I had the most wonderful day and by the looks on everyones faces all day so did they.

Here is a small preview of your fabulous day xxx

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