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The Dartmoor Lodge

Lucy & Hailey

My first wedding of 2017 kicked off this week.., long awaited so I was really raring to go and get stuck in. Two lovely ladies Lucy & Hailey were getting wed... Yay!

I had been waiting for this day for a while...feeling fresh and ready as I am sure the brides to be were!!

I met Lucy & Hailey after booking through the Dartmoor Lodge, a venue I know really well and love working at. We had an amazing pre wedding shoot a few weeks earlier to get them used to me and me used to them and luckily we clicked. Straight away. A fab couple who made my job a lot easier.

The day arrived and the sun was shining, I photographed Hailey in the morning and Gareth from GRW Photography gave me a hand photographing Lucy at another location. Nerves were setting in from the the brides room at the lodge and the drinks were certainly flowing :)

The girls were having an outdoor ceremony which was amazing, the gardens looked beautiful and the setting was just perfect. I had a feeling this wedding was going to be relaxed and chilled and I was right. Not many formal images and just capture the guests having kind of wedding.

After the ceremony we nipped off onto Dartmoor to make the most of our location, I dragged the brides around a reservoir and in amongst the moorland but it really was worth it! It only takes a quick half hour escape from the party and you have a different aspect of your wedding photos.

I hope you both have an amazing future and thank you for choosing me as your photographer.

Here is a small preview of your day


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