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The Corn Barn, Devon

Neil & Tanya

You can never be too organised! Neil & Tanya booked me over 2 years ago for their wedding day, I met them at their friends wedding and had previously done a family shoot so I was proper chuffed when they trusted me with the most important photo shoot. Booking me early also told me that they would be SUPER organised and put lots of thought into the planning.

I joined Tanya & her girls early morning at a hotel in Exeter, she was getting ready in a fab room which was a special treat for me.. I like both sides, I like it when brides get ready at home as their is that personal touch there but I also like big spacious rooms with lots of natural light streaming through. I got all excited and went a little snap happy trying to capture every single moment and emotion.

The ceremony and reception was being held at The Corn Barn, a fantastic venue in a really rural setting. I always always love working here as everything looks just right... you needn't worry about dressing the venue too much as it speaks for itself. Really beautiful.

Neil was already there with my 2nd shooter greeting the guests, as soon as I walked through the gates there was a chilled vibe with the drinks already ordered at the bar.

A personal, emotional ceremony followed with their nearest and dearest present and dare I say it, I think Tanya was more nervous than Neil!!

The afternoon was filled with confetti moments, drinks, games on the lawn and rides in the rather impressive super car...

As the light was dipping we headed out over to the orchard and the corn fields to give the newlyweds 5 minutes to themselves and to photograph just the two of them together.

It was an amazing day from start to finish, the party was buzzing in the evening and was the icing on the cake.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Sercombe - Here is a small preview of your fab fab day

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