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Hartnoll Hotel

Mark & Kelly

The wedding of Mark & Kelly was an unexpected one but definitely a welcomed one! I helped out another photographer and stepped in to take the reins and wow what a wedding it was :)

Their big day was being held mostly in their local village just outside of Exeter. Kelly got ready in their beautiful cottage and then only had to stroll down to the church where Mark was waiting for her. I love it when weddings are simply done, no fuss and stress... just two people coming together to celebrate their love. Something so romantic about a couple walking to their ceremony... showing what it is all really about.

The church was amazing, the vows, the look, the atmosphere and the walk/dance down the aisle made it! They made it so personal.

The reception was held at The Hartnoll Hotel, a venue I hadn't worked in before but one I would love to again. Mark & Kelly made their day so intimate, all the guests were relaxed and my approach with the photography mirrored that. I took the couple off in the gardens for some photos after the meal, a time where they are more relaxed and we have no time schedules to keep to. My most favourite part of the day.

The evening went off with a bang, with Nick Coles as the entertainer for the night - you are always in for a party when Nick is around! Congratulations Mr & Mrs Twiggs, what a day!!!

Here is a small preview of your day xx

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