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Dartmoor Lodge

Miranda & Lynn

A beautiful wedding for two lovely ladies at The Dartmoor Lodge... I cant keep away! My favourite venue with the best staff you could wish for.

I met Miranda & Lynn a while back when they booked me..we met for a coffee and hit it off straight away. It is so important to click with your wedding photographer and not regret your decision on the day. We are with you all day and you have to be comfortable with us :)

My 2nd photographer and I joined the girls in the morning for a bit of bridal prep.. it was lovely to capture the last moments of them both getting ready. Both bridal rooms were chilled and full of laughter thought I think Lynns room was filled a bit more with nerves!

The ceremony was lovely, really lovely as the brides walked down the aisle together. They had a sneak peak of each other before the music started which was so individual and unique.

We didnt stop laughing all day, literally they had me in stitches and made not only the day flow but also the photography. We headed off into a nature reserve for some more personal shots of the newlyweds which also gave them the chance to have some time alone ( well with me there too ). I hope their approach to their day comes across in the images.

I loved working with the ladies and I know we will stay in touch. Thank you for a fantastic day :)


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