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Oxencombe, Devon

Danny & Fraire


Total gorgeousness and wedding perfection all rolled into one.

I was so so lucky to be Danny & Fraires photographer on this amazing day.. no words can really describe how the day felt or the buzzing atmosphere so I hope my images do!

I have known Fraire and Danny since we connected at another wedding over both of us just having given birth a few weeks before... we had a good old moan about the struggles in those first few weeks and bonded over knowing someone else was going through the same experiences at the same time! We kept bumping into each other at other weddings so I was chuffed they booked me for their big day too.

I had a good feel for the day, all I knew was that it was in a field with hay bales, fairground games, ice-cream van, candy floss and glitter tattoos! It did not disappoint. The planning that had gone into the day was a job well done.. so personal and well thought out.

The ceremony was outdoors with a view to die for with a friend conducting it and the sun shone. REALLY SHONE.

The guest all sat out in the sunshine all afternoon.. they played games, listened to the music playing and drank corona.. .bliss!

I waited for the sun to lower before I took the family & the newlyweds off for their photos, we had a stroll after the meal and the wait paid off. Gorgeous barn doors, long grass and a lake.. not in that order :) A photographers heaven.

Congratulations to you both, it was a cracking day and I hope you enjoy you little preview of your day. PERFECTION.

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