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Rockbeare Manor

Shaun & Natasha

What a wedding/party/venue/atmosphere/morning...afternoon AND evening.

In my job I get to meet some fab people, I get front row seats at their most important moments and I get to see all that emotion. I am pretty much a stranger but I am there... I am in that room and I get to document it all in the most intimate and meaningful way. I never underestimate my job.

I was super privileged to be able to photograph Shaun & Natashas wedding day this weekend. The wedding was upbeat, it had a real party feeling with an abundance of class!

Rockbeare manor was dressed to impress... the styling that the couple chose was beautiful and it all complimented each other.

Both Natasha & Shaun got ready at Rockbeare, I was able to flit between the two rooms and document all the prep. In the morning I always stand back and just get in my zone... I love the bridal/groom prep and literally every wedding is always different. The emotions, the nerves are always expressed differently. I would say though that the bridal room was a lot more relaxed than the grooms!

Natasha & Shaun have an amazing little girl and she stole the show in more ways than one throughout the day and also in our pre shoot. She has such confidence and character and was literally the star and to see her walk down the aisle in front of Natasha was perfect.

In the afternoon me & the videographer Tristan Adams took them all off for a few shots in the grounds. It was a lovely day and we were blessed with the weather and with a venue like Rockbeare you have to make the most of what they have given.

I normally stay until the first dance and for when the party really gets going but with this one I just couldn't leave! They had Eventine playing for the evening and the party really got going.. I didn't want to miss a minute!

A fab wedding guys... you rocked it!

Here is a little preview of your gallery x

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