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Rougement, Exeter

Paul & Hayley

Happy New Year!

Paul & Hayleys day was always going to be a good one...I mean, a wedding and a new years eve party thrown in. What a way to celebrate the year turning 2019.

After doing a family photo shoot in the woods a couple of years ago, I was pleased when Hayley & Paul booked me up for the big day. They wanted a really relaxed wedding day, not too much intervention or posing from me. I got the gist early on that they wanted to day to just flow, not to have to leave their guests for any long length of time and to not go too formal. ME ME ME!

The day for me started at lunchtime, Hayley didn't want any bridal prep but I persuaded her to let me pop up to the room an hour before just to catch those final moments.. I hope she thinks it was worth it ! Nerves were setting in, drinks were flowing and her lovely Groom was waiting.

The venue was decorated beautifully... It was a walk in the ceremony room moment where you just stand and stare. They had the fairy lights twinkling, the Christmas trees were still up and they had a LOVE sign right at the front of the ceremony. It was really stunning, perfect for a winter wedding.

I did managed to pull the newlyweds off for a 10 minutes after the ceremony and did a few family photos then it was back to toasting the new Mr & Mrs Smith. The fizz was flowing in the bar and all the guests were having the best time!

Happy New Year to you Paul & Hayley and thank you for letting me be a part of your day... you rocked it..full respect to you for having the wedding you wanted!! Stunning!

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