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Rougement Hotel, Exeter

Courtney & Emma

A beautiful winter wedding.

I was on edge this week with the snow... half wanting it to pass quickly and half wanting it to stay to be able to capture the white stuff. I had a white wedding last year and didn't want to repeat the car digging experience again BUT got some fab wedding shots in the snow.

Courtney & Emma live in the east with the majority of their guests so THANKFULLY the snow cleared and everyone got down safely :)

The wedding day was being held at The Rougement Hotel, a venue local to me which makes a lovely change this time of year... I don't get many weddings in Exeter anymore so it's always lovely to get an extra cup of tea in the morning before work !

I was contacted by Emma as I was recommended by the hotel, her phone call was a lovely unexpected conversation as it was a late booking but it definitely made my Christmas knowing I had a lovely wedding early in 2019.. photographers sometimes get a winter lull but this year I have been lucky enough to be able to keep going!

I met the couple at the end of the year and loved the plans they had for the day... great choice of decor, food, music and the little details sounded amazing.

The ceremony was simply stunning, Emma walked down the aisle in candlelight with scattered petals... the extra touches made it so personal to them both.

Courtney & Emma weren't fans of having their photograph taken, no one ever is really but they totally embraced it.. I even went against the rules and spent more time in the bridal suite than planned but they will come away with some lovely images and I hope they think it was worth it!

The day was a mixture of grand romance, swing music, local fudge, Caribbean food and rum punch !

It was definitely a kick back and enjoy yourself type of wedding!

Congratulations guys, I adored your day and the approach you took. Here is a little preview of your day EEK!

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